Save time on rotation management and improve your employees satisfaction. We will get everything ready and build database for you. Rotation and crew management is now easier than ever and always up to date!

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MY ROTAT will help you with managing the rotation and calendars of your employees. Our platform addresses your unique challenges. Request demo version of the software and get familiar with all funcionalities.

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Easy Crew Rotation Management and Manual Changes

Automatic calendars generation from predefined rotation type for the period time you want with easy manual changes. Web and mobile app will be always synced and up to date. For the crew with rotational partner calendars will be generated simultaneously, no need to do it separately.

Manage Ship’s Knowledge in Knowledge Base

Empower your crew and newcomers with a comprehensive knowledge base. Easily explain fundamental aspects of your yacht’s operations and rules, fostering efficiency and cohesion among team members.

Send Notifications to Seafarers to Ensure they are Updated

 Notifications for the pursers, HODs about upcoming crew changes, gaps in the positions or when crew member opens travel instructions. Reduce back and forth emails and make your life easier.

Automatic Preview on Rotations Year Ahead

Preview your crew calendars for the year a head and plan their rotation. As a crew member you will have access to your schedule in the mobile app and you will always know when you are coming back onboard and when you are going home!

Flexible Departments and Positions Settings Adjustment

Tailor departments and positions to align perfectly with your yacht’s unique structure and operations..

Customized Reports

Generate reports for any selected time period, detailing day types and counts. Generated data will help to analyze important information such as leave balance and it is available at any moment for each crew member.

Say goodbye to Excel files

Welcome Automated
Rotation Scheduler

Aren’t you tired of using multiple Excel files to do one job? Did you ever ask yourself if there is a better way? MYROTAT is the answer. Generate schedules for your crew for the year ahead or period time you want from the predefined rotation type by few simple mouse clicks. Calendars will be extended automatically and manual changes introduced easily. For the crew with rotational partner calendars will be generated simultaneously, no need to do it separately. Position calendars will give you a better view of what is going on and help plan the future.

Notifications about the gaps in positions, generating days reports, adding documents to the selected timeframe, changing day types. All this will streamline your day to day tasks. Start today and help yourself with MYROTAT.

Powerful Tools, In Your Pocket

Mobile Application

Your crew will be always up to date with our mobile app. Individual schedules, knowledge base, pdf scanner,  travel insructions and documents, all this in one place.

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MYROTAT is a crew rotation management software dedicated for yachts and yacht crew. Effortlessly manage and plan your crew rotation with MYROTAT. Our software simplifies the process, offering automatic calendar generation based on predefined rotation types for your desired time period. Easily make manual adjustments, knowing that our web and mobile apps are always synced and up to date.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Instead of individual crew members, view position calendars for a clearer understanding of coverage and tasks.
  • Position Notifications: Receive alerts about position gaps, aiding in proactive planning for temporary hires.
  • Travel Instructions and Document Management: Create travel instructions and attach essential documents within the app, streamlining communication and eliminating email back-and-forth. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding enhancements in this area.
  • Knowledge Base: Empower your crew with a comprehensive knowledge base, facilitating understanding of yacht operations and fostering team efficiency.
  • Mobile PDF Scanner: Simplify document management with our PDF scanner, allowing seamless uploads directly to the purser.
  • Day Types and Documents Management: Attach relevant documents to specific timeframes, facilitating tracking of sick or compassionate leave and streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Report Generation: Generate reports for any selected time period, detailing day types, associated documents, and specific day counts for purser and crew reference.
  • Feature Requests: Tailor MYROTAT to your specific needs by requesting additional functionalities or improvements. We’ll create a special testing environment to ensure seamless integration with the app.
  • Comprehensive Database: MYROTAT comes with a built-in database, offering a ready-to-use crew rotation management solution. Whether importing past data or starting fresh, we’ve got you covered.

Experience seamless crew rotation management with MYROTAT—your ultimate solution for efficiency and organization on board.

Customize, Brand, and Make It Yours

White-Label Solutions

Our White-Label Solution lets you create a personalized instance of our application on a separate domain, complete with your logo and colors. Each instance is designed to keep your data secure and maintain your brand’s distinct identity.

Enjoy all the powerful features of our platform while preserving your brand’s unique look and feel. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our solution is scalable and customizable to meet your specific needs.

Focus on your clients while we handle the technical details, providing you with a branded, seamless experience that enhances your business’s presence and recognition.

MyRotat is a part of Aquator Marine Partner Program

MyRotat + Aquator Marine

We are proud to partner with Aquator Marine, a company founded on the belief that advanced yacht software is essential for effective yacht operations. Aquator Marine’s mission is to leverage data to transform how yachts are managed and maintained, setting new standards for the yachting industry.

Aquator Marine develops data-driven solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and offer interactive methods for managing all yacht-related activities. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, they streamline yacht management, making it more accessible and efficient for everyone. With a commitment to continuous innovation and industry collaboration, Aquator Marine is dedicated to shaping a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable yachting experience for all.

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